Maid to Order Florida and Love Thy Neighbor Lend a Helping Hand to Hurricane Ian Victims

Florida residents were rocked by Hurricane Ian earlier this month, causing widespread damage and disrupting daily life for those in its path. While the immediate disaster is contained, the clean-up process will take time and significant funds, which many families do not have at their immediate disposal. Fortunately, Maid to Order Florida has stepped in with aid from Love Thy Neighbor, their sister, nonprofit company that offers free maid services to cancer patients and other medical patients as well as wounded veterans and handicapped children to lend a helping hand to Hurricane Ian victims.

Maid to Order Florida is raising funds for Hurricane Ian victims

Joanne Briaccio operates Maid to Order Florida and Love Thy Neighbor. Love Thy Neighbor offers free cleaning services for cancer patients and other medical patients, wounded veterans, and handicapped children. Maid to Order donates a portion of its profits to Love Thy Neighbor to help give back to the Florida community. Joanne knows it is a crucial time for friends and family in the Tampa Bay, Fort Myers, and St. Petersburg areas. Her cleaning company, Maid to Order Florida, is raising funds for Hurricane Ian victims in order to buy food and goods that are personally delivered to the victims.

About Joanne Briaccio

Joanne Briaccio operates Maid to Order Florida, which provides maid services in Pinellas and Hillsborough County. She is known throughout her community for always helping others. Briaccio also runs Love Thy Neighbor, which offers free cleaning services for cancer patients and other medical patients, wounded veterans, and handicapped children. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian that struck Florida, Briaccio is working tirelessly to raise funds for hurricane victims.

Love Thy Neighbor

The Love Thy Neighbor organization provides support and services to needy families and local medical patients who cannot afford to maintain their households. For cancer patients, wounded veterans, and handicapped children, we offer free cleaning services. In order to focus on family and healing, we focus on the home. As part of our “Neighbors in Need” program, we provide routine house cleaning services to make the lives of our neighbors easier. Cancer-stricken (Breast, Prostate, Brain, Liver, Kidney, etc…) and wounded veterans of the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas are among the population we serve. Single moms and dads with terminally ill or handicapped children can also receive support from Love Thy Neighbor.

How you can help make a difference

The power of social media has helped many companies, celebrities, and organizations raise funds for Hurricane Ian. Maid To Order Florida is using its resources to lend a helping hand as well to the victims of Hurricane Ian. If you would like to help the cause, please consider donating or spreading the word to friends and family. You can donate directly to Love Thy Neighbor through PayPal here.

Cardinal Cleaning is here to help

We are excited to announce our participation with Maid To Order, a cleaning business based in Florida. We want to help spread the word to help them raise funds for Hurricane Ian victims, as well as donate time and resources. Visit or to see how you can support their efforts.

We’re also happy to be partnered with Cleaning for a Reason which offers free cleaning services for cancer patients. If you reside near Conyers, Covington, McDonough, or Loganville, Georgia, then visit and choose our cleaning company to provide free cleaning services for someone you know undergoing cancer treatment. Cardinal Cleaning is here to help!


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