Post-holiday Cleaning Tips to Get Your Home Back to Normal
holiday cleaning

As the post-holiday season comes to a close, it can be overwhelming to think about all the post-holiday clean-up that needs to be done. From decorations to wrapping paper and everything in between, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry! With these post-holiday cleaning tips, you’ll have your home back to normal in no time. From simple steps like making a plan to more complex tasks like organizing decorations, these post-holiday cleaning tips will help you make the most of your post-holiday clean-up efforts.

Assess the Damage

First, take a look around and make note of what needs to be done. You may want to start by making a checklist or a list of tasks so you know exactly what you need to do and how long it will take. Also, don’t forget to assess any damage that may have occurred during your gatherings, such as scratches or dents on furniture or carpets. If you need to make repairs, make sure you add this to your list.

Next, set aside some time for cleaning and make sure you have all the necessary supplies. This includes vacuums, cleaning solutions, dusting cloths, sponges, and garbage bags. Once you have all your supplies ready, you can begin tackling the mess one area at a time.

Toss the Trash

Getting rid of all the wrapping paper, used gift bags, empty boxes, and other holiday detritus is a great way to start your post-holiday cleaning on the right foot. All of those used items can create a lot of clutter and make your home look messy.

Start by setting aside a few trash bags and designate one for recyclable materials and one for the regular trash. Then, go around your house and collect all the used items that need to be discarded. This includes paper plates, napkins, ribbons, bows, used cards, and anything else that isn’t being reused or recycled.

For any holiday decorations you don’t want to keep, like Christmas trees, lights, garlands, and wreaths, separate these from the trash and place them in a designated spot so they can be taken away easily. If you plan on donating or reselling any items, now is the time to put them aside so they don’t get lost in the holiday clean-up frenzy.

Put Away the Decorations

1. Gather all of your holiday decorations into one area. Start by finding a spot in your home that is easy to access and can accommodate all of your decorations. This will make it easier to keep track of what you need to put away.

2. Sort through your decorations and separate them accordingly. Some decorations may need to be put away in storage, while others might just need to be placed back in their original locations.

3. If you have any breakable items, such as glass ornaments or porcelain figurines, wrap them carefully in bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent any damage during storage.

4. Once you have all of your decorations sorted, store them in labeled boxes or containers for easy access next year.

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